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Almond Crusted + Dijon Mustard
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This is an all time favorite. *recipe download below! I gotchu.. little story too, you know for SEO ; )

I was having a tough week and feeling like a boujie dinner for ONE! I took a little trip to the farmers market to pick up this perfectly thick piece of chiliean seabass.. it’s a $$$ but totally worth picking it up as fresh as possible… and saving a lot more cooking it at home!

From there I went to one of our more specialty grocery store for the fresh herbs and this Maille dijon… a little lost on the wine aisle, I consulted with my good friend @jvicgd .. expert in the wine and spirits industry for a quick and reasonable wine pairing.. embodying my haute AF dinner for one after all.

He recommended a Cremant de Bourgogne brut rose or a crisp Sauvignon Blanc.

I went with this one!

Loved this one

Before I began any prep.. I found this playlist .. since became a regular at dinner time : )

The recipe is downloadable below .. go ahead and prepare the Salad linked here for the side .. make this before you begin the seabass .. this fish cooks quick .. you don’t want to multi task this one.. once the salad is prepped.. pour your chilled glass of Cremant de Bourgogne brut rose and take your time.

When it’s time to pop this bad girl in the oven.. set a timer for 3 minutes and be on standby. ** very important** it bakes quickly.. deliberate at this extra high temp 430 degrees so it doesn’t boil(my oven is electric.. adjust accordingly)

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

and donezo. Enjoy outside if it’s warm! : )


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