the Hummus | made with <3

First things First: 

Press Play on your fav Playlist

Or Try this one

Layer ingredients in this order and channel all the love*** very important ; )

Diced *Sweet Onion. (Don’t sub with yellow or other onion .. tempting but this is important)

Sea Salt light cover – a few turns

*important to do this first to allow the onions to open up 

Olive Oil generously cover onion layer

Let stand for a few. (5? Minutes)

Meanwhile wash the fresh mint, shake off water and pick off sprigs.

(don’t be precious about it.. the massage effect helps release the flavor.) 

Cut coarsely – set aside.

Spread the Hummus (get yourself one of these silicone paddles if you don’t have one.) 

Spread the hummus then fold the layers until it’s mixed.. fold it up until it looks mixed… and if there’s no mess you didn’t do it right ; ) 

Serve with a warm pita bread.

*if it’s stared.. it’s important don’t ef around ; )


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