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The road to clear skin has been a long one for this girl.. super sensitive tried everything and nothing worked great enough to feel good with naked skin. I truly thought that just wouldn’t be me – ever. You name it I tried it. But these?? They win. I’ll cut to the chase here with the list.. and if you wanna read the little book below.. then beautiful!

  • Sunbum Daily Cleanser
  • Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castille (not pictured)
  • Sunbum Hydrating Serum
  • Darphin Paris Intral Eye cream
  • Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil
  • Sunbum Daily Sunscreen Moisturizer
  • Weekly add this SunBum mask – dude the color alone makes it an experience.
  • Also use a fresh color coded Washcloth a couple times a week to exfoliate GENTLY ; )

So funny story. You see that Badger Damascus Rose Face Oil up there? .. I didn’t buy it. I showed up magically into my insta-cart order. After a week I opened it and gave it a shot. It worked great! WOW …. a 15 dollar product from Sprouts Supermarket. Well Hot DAMN… then the next day I’m shopping at Target and pass this SunBum Skincare.. and this beach-girl-mom is in LOVE with SunBum. Their products energy.. their ethos as a brand.. big fan girl… so naturally i picked it up. Because I’m jaded AF.. I FULLY expecting it to be ok.. and not workout longterm.. not for any fault of the product but.. just my experience with super sensitive skin.

Thrilled to report.. that profile pic I snapped in the ABOUT ME. yep. I brag that’s me catching some rays nude faced.. BOOM. finally. Really? YA .. and still going strong months out.

Since creating this little content video.. I also have added in my SAY ALL BE ALL OF cleaning anything in my life Dr. Bronners peppermint castille soap.. he hops in the lineup on the double cleanse when Im feeling that added minty super clean feeling.. warning .. avoid the eyes .. unless you’re a little masochist like me and go for it.

Filmed Fujix100f + VSCO C8 + Adjusted in Momento

Step One: Sunbum Daily Cleanser

Step Two: Dr. Bronners Peppermint castille lightly.. avoid eyes.

Step Three: Hydrating Serum — smells like absolutely NOTHING it’s fucking beautiful I slather this all over even my eyes too.

Step Four: Eye Cream – this one is Darphin Paris .. a great brand .. my previous go to .. but pricey and my skin just does better with this setup.

Five: Badgers Damascus Rose Face Oil. I pump it carefully on the back of my other hand.. and do the sign of the cross dabbing giving my skin a little prayer to be good today.. and then rub it into the T-zone. That barrier is everything .. biggest game changer.

Six: TRUST THE BUM – sunscreen. I know somehow sunscreen became a controversial topic.. but as a beach goer, swimmer I do wear it on my face and I only use SunBum if I can help it.. and for me.. I’d rather take this step then deal with cutting skin cancer off my face later. : )

Hope this helps you out! .. if you try and it does wonders like it did for me.. send me your beautiful nude face and we can celebrate together!

Maybe you’re wondering about a eye makeup remover.. .. check out this little post on the only mascara I love enough to replace my Dior Overcurl in the daily.. literally just swipes off with fingers in a clean sweep.. yep!


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